The Multi-Saver Theatre Break

The Multi-Saver Theatre Break

If you have been waiting for or are hatching a multi-saver theatre break plan, the wait is over! With the London Summer Olympics 2012 soon to come, this is the perfect time for that perfect family-time in the city of London. Not only will you be a part of history by being at the Olympics, you can make the most of it by including a London Theatre Break package as part of the trip in the city– making it a big 2-in-1 event. The reason being, your Olympics tickets are not inclusive of hotel accommodations; whereas if you book a theatre break ticket, you have a guaranteed proper hotel accommodation that will save you money as well as time to be spent commuting, because we offer hotels in zone 1 and 2 only, meaning you are only ever a walk or short tube journey from your hotel.


Besides sports, London is also well-known for its world of theatres, coupled with places to see and visit; whether it is museums or galleries that you are interested in – London has it all. So, why not; you could do with a short break in the city as there is so much to see and do. That way, you can see the Olympics during the day, then at night head for the show for your favourite musicals, without having to worry about transport or accommodation.


Better still, when you have had enough of the Olympics, or for a short break away from it you can explore the many attractions of the city such as a trip on the Thames River or a ride on the London Eye, a ticket to Madam Tussauds and loads more; yep, really killing two birds with one stone indeed!

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