The Top 5 West End Shows for Christmas

The Top 5 West End Shows for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and the West End is preparing for the big holiday celebration. Several new shows have owned and some beloved classics have returned to delight, enthrall and spread joy this Christmas season.
Santa Claus and the Christmas Adventure The Ambassadors Theatre 29 Nov – 31 Dec 2011
 This Christmas, take the kids to see a spectacle of Christmas wonder and magic. Santa Claus and the Christmas Adventure combines the delightful tale of Father Christmas with the enthralling illusions of professional magician Paul Daniels.
The story follows Santa Claus as he prepares for his annual journey around the world, but all is not right in the North Pole; Rudolph isn’t anywhere to be found and many of the elves are behaving badly. Luckily for Santa, there is plenty of help at hand. Children in the audience are able to participate in the show and have the chance to meet Santa after the curtains have fallen.
This charming performance will bring a smile to the faces of kids and parents alike. So settle down for the most wonderful show of the season and watch as Santa Claus and Paul Daniels work their magic upon the stage. 

Christmas with the Rat Pack Wyndham’s Theatre 20 Dec 2011- 07 Jan 2012

While Santa Claus’ adventure is perfect for the kids, show-lovers of a more mature age will delight in the incredible vocal talents of the starts of the Rat Pack this Christmas. The Rat Pack was a celebrated group of musicians and actors that performed in Las Vegas and in movies.  Listen in awe as world-class impersonators of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop croon out such classic Christmas tune as Let It Snow, Baby It’s Cold Outside and White Christmas.
Christmas with the Rat Pack is a spectacular tribute to the legendary musicians who formed the original Rat Pack. The show delves into the behind-the-scene lives of the renowned crooners while incorporating the Christmas music we all know and love. Long-time fans of the Pack and newly-introduced show goers will be enthralled by the spectacle that is Christmas with the Rat Pack.

Simon Callow’s A Christmas Carol Arts Theatre 8 Dec 2011- 14 Jan 2012
Audiences are sure to be spellbound by Simon Callow’s turn as the cold-hearted Ebenezer Scrooge in Callow’s new adaption of the Dickensian classic.
The performance follows the well-known tale of Mr. Scrooge, the bitter and pitiful man who is visited by three ghosts. The ghosts show him his past, present and future in order to remind him of what the Christmas season is all about; being generous and loving towards all mankind. Callow has portrayed several of Dickens’ characters, as well as playing Dickens himself in The Mystery of Charles Dickens. With this performance, Callow demonstrates his true prowess at the art of acting.

The Lion in Winter Haymarket Theatre 05 Nov 2011- 28 Jan 2012
  For a more dramatic performance this Christmas, The Lion in Winter is not to be missed. The play stars Robert Lindsay as King Henry II and Joanna Lumley as his estranged wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. Henry II (Lindsay) invites Eleanor and their three sons to celebrate Christmas in his castle along with his mistress and her brother. As can be assumed, the happy holiday turns into a dark festival of betrayal, power struggles and conniving wit.
Lindsay and Lumley are captivating to watch, as the tension between their two characters is truly palpable. The set is festive and well-done, and despite the fact that the tradition of the Christmas tree may not have existed in the 12th century, it is happily forgotten while watching the play.

The Sooty Christmas Show Garrick Theatre 12 Dec 2011- 01 Jan 2012
Sooty darling yellow bear has been entertaining audiences since the 1950s. Today, he is just as cute and amusing as he was back then. This Christmas, take the kids to see this loveable bear in action has he prepares for a party along with his friends.
 The plot follows the mishaps of Sooty and his host of friends as they face several obstacles that must be overcome in order to celebrate Christmas. Sooty can’t seem to get his magic show to work right, Sue can’t figure out what to wear and Sweep keeps burning the dishes that need cooking. Along for the ride is Sooty’s television co-star Richard Cadell, the human star of the show who has been performing since 1998.
Children and parents alike will giggle at the silliness that ensues on the stage.






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